Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tadoba Tiger Reserve - The best Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra and in the world

Tadoba Tiger Reserve which is located in Chandrapur district in Eastern Maharashtra is 160 Kms from Nagpur. It is without a doubt, a best kept secret of India.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is 626 square kilometres long and consists of dense teak and bamboo forests and a river which flows through it. It has plenty of herbivorous prey for tigers specially Gaur- Indian Bison, Sambhars, spotted deer, and barking deer to mention a few.

The birth of 38 Tiger Cubs from 2010 till today proves that Tadoba Tiger Reserve has the finest Tiger habitat not only in Maharashtra but in the world. The State's oldest national park has rich wildlife habitat and is the perfect breeding place for Tigers.

The presence of a large number of tigers in Tadoba more than 100 at the latest count seems to suggest that this is a good sign for the conservation of Tigers particularly in Vidarbha.

Devdoh which is the park's perennial water source on the boundary of Tadoba and Moharli Forests is home to a large number of Tiger Cubs and Tigress's. At the Devdoh Forest Range and Moharli Forest Range one can see breeding tigress's in all their beauty and glory.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is a "Game Rich Forest" and can be called "Tiger Country" in more ways than one now in 2014. 

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