Monday, 10 February 2014

Wild Elephant Habitat in the Western Ghats in South West India is in grave danger

This is with regard to the article "Paradise Lost" by Chetan Chauhan published in Sunday Hindustan Times dated 2-2-2014.

I am a Global Wild Elephant Lover and Wildlife Writer and I believe it is my duty to create awareness about the plight of Wild Elephants in various parts of India specially in the Western Ghats. It is shocking to know that the Central Government is totally indifferent about protecting wild elephant habitat in the Western Ghats but is instead trying to market "The Ecologically rich Western Ghats" to Companies that will foster development by destroying it completely.

Recent events in South Maharashtra and Western Maharashtra will illustrate my point. Some weeks back, wild elephants were found in Kolhapur; they had come from Dandeli Forests in Karnataka. This happened because their natural habitat in Karnataka has been taken over by Developers and by Mining Companies.

Wild Elephant habitat is constantly being encroached upon in the Western Ghats specially in the States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.This must stop.

Asian Elephants are the "Flagship Species" in the Western Ghats specially in Karnataka. Their Genetic diversity is best seen in the Bandipur and Nagarhole Forests. The Asian Elephant is the "National Heritage Animal" of India.

We need to awake from our slumber and protect these mighty Pachyderms and their habitat as soon as possible.

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