Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Introduction :

It is extremely distressing to know what is happening in Africa these days specially since 2012 namely the mindless slaughter on an unprecedented scale of African Forest Elephants and Savannah Elephants from Kenya in East Africa to Gabon in Central Africa and from Gabon in Central Africa to Mozambique in South-East Africa.

Most African Countries seem to be quite indifferent about the plight of Elephants in their respective countries.

Facts regarding the mass slaughter of Elephants :

In countries like Kenya and Tanzania, African Savannah Elephants are slaughtered for their ivory by poachers on foot and from the air. In Tanzania in East Africa, 10,000 Elephants are killed each year for their ivory by organized poacher gangs.

In Gabon, in the Central African Republic, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and in the Republic of the Congo more than 1,000 Elephants are slaughtered every year for their ivory in each of these countries.

Forest Elephants who are found exclusively in the Equatorial Rainforests of Central Africa and West Africa are facing a "Dire Crisis" as a result of widespread poaching over the last 10 years.

Their numbers have declined drastically from 200,000 in 2004 to less than 80,000 today. They are critically endangered  specially in Gabon.

This unethical war on Africa's Elephants is getting from bad to worse with every passing day, week, and month primarily because of the skyrocketing price of Ivory in the International Illegal Market.

1 Kilo of Ivory is worth 1000 U.S. Dollars.

According to Dr. Mike Chase who is from the Botswana based "Elephants without Borders" or E.W.B. "Local Extinction" is a reality for many countries in Africa where poaching of elephants is rampant.

Good News regarding Elephant Herds:

However, there is a "Silver Lining" to every dark cloud even amidst the mass slaughter of Elephants in Africa.

There seems to be only "One Country" in Africa that is concerned about "Elephant Poaching". That Country is Botswana. For many years now, Botswana has been a pioneer in "Wildlife Conservation".

In particular, Botswana is a pioneer in "Elephant Conservation". The number of Elephants in Botswana speak for themselves. There are 130,000 African Elephants today in Botswana.

In this regard, Chobe National Park in Northern Botswana is a "Precious Jewel" as far as Elephant Conservation is concerned. Chobe National Park is truly "Elephant Country" and "Elephant Paradise" in more ways than one.

There are approximately 70,000-80,000 Elephants in Chobe National Park today. Chobe National Park is said to have the highest concentration of Elephants in Africa mainky due to tight restrictions on poaching.

In this connection, it must be said that Botswana is home to the largest remaining population of African Elephants in the world also called "Loxodonta Africana".

This is largely thanks to "Government Backed Conservation and Protection Programs" which means poaching in Botswana is the "Least" as compared to other African Countries.

Apart from Chobe National Park in Northern Botswana, the beautiful "Okavango Delta" plays host to 50,000 Elephants in the dry season. The wetlands of Botswana are a veritable stronghold of "Bush Elephants".

Botswana is an anomaly in Southern Africa. It is a relatively stable, peaceful, and prosperous country nestled between Namibia and the Republic of South Africa.

Botswana has emerged as a "Terrific and Peaceful Haven" for vast herds of Savannah Bush Elephants.

Conclusion :

Let us do our utmost in supporting the Government of Botswana in saving Bush Elephants from Organized Poacher Gangs and from Extinction.

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