Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Objective in Life

I am a Global Wildlife Blogger. I love African Elephants 24-7-365.

Important : My Objective is to live among Elephant Herds in Botswana for the short-term and for the long-term. I would like to live in and around Chobe National Park which to me is "Elephant Paradise".

If a Book has not yet been written on Chobe's Magnificent Elephant Herds, I would like to do that as soon as possible. Being upclose and personal with "Wild African Elephants" is my dream.

I would like to write a book and call it "Chobe - Elephant Paradise" as soon as I can live among African Elephant Herds in Chobe National Park.

Living in and around "MAUN" would be just perfect.

African Elephant Herds that live in Chobe National Park are my favourite mammals.

Note : FYI-  MAUN - is the epicentre of Botswana's Elephant Country.

If I cannot be a "Wildlife Writer" in Maun or in Botswana - I would like to be a "Publicity Officer" working for "Desert Elephant Conservation".

Desert Elephant Conservation has an awesome website.

Here it is.


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