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The Smiling Ballerinas of the Sea

Sub Title 1 : Help Stop the slaughter of Dolphins on the West Coast of India

Sub Title 2 : A Dolphin Sanctuary on the West Coast of India is the need of the Hour

Introduction :

These Dolphins are like your "smiley" playful children attending ballerina classes !!

Would you chop your huggable little darlings and serve them on a platter because of the money they bring in ??

Every time they spring up in synchronized leaps, they seem like the best trained ballerinas on any "world stage" and you feel like they are challenging you saying "Anything you can do, I can do better than you !!

You feel like "running and hugging them" if that was possible at all in the "open sea".

In view of all this, I am absolutely horrified at the large scale slaughter of a number of species of Dolphins by notorious deep sea trawlers all along the Karwar Coast -- part of the West Coast of India which was published by DNA India in July 2009.

The title of the article in DNA India was "Endangered Dolphins are poached mercilessly" which in my opinion was apt.

Annually, 500 playful and innocent dolphins are brutally slaughtered by deep sea trawlers on the Karwar Coast. I find it extremely distressing as a "Passionate Dolphin Lover" from Mumbai that Star Hotels in various parts of Goa are serving "Dolphin Meat" on their menu.

More importantly, as a Goan from Goa and as an Indian I find it extremely disgusting that nothing at all is being done to stop this barbaric slaughter of these intelligent, playful, innocent, and lovable marine mammals.

Dolphin Facts :

It must be clearly remembered that Dolphins are not "Fish" at all. They are mammals, who are smaller relatives of great whales. A number of dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals on this planet; in the kingly company of Wild Elephant Herds whose family life and inter-personal behaviour is remarkable and outstanding.

The memory capacity of dolphins matches our very own; they are capable of following complicated directions through all kinds of commands.

What is really and truly remarkable is that Dolphins seem quite capable of developing ties with human beings. To so many of us, the average "Bottle Nose Dolphin" has come to be cherished for the love and intimacy it bestows on Adults and Kids.

Increasingly, We human beings find ourselves fascinated with the prospect of having pseudo- human "relatives" in the vast open sea.

Our vast knowledge of these dolphins is their protection all over the Universe. "One cannot kill and slaughter on a whim or fancy, what you come to know and love".

One of the problems on the Karwar Coast is that most "Commercial Fishermen" frequently regard dolphins as just another kind of fish to be hunted.

On the commercial level, in every country there are few pangs of conscience at all; almost every human society has got used to "Dolphin Slaughter". This must stop right now.

Star Hotels in Goa the Driving Force behind Dolphin Slaughter :

Star Hotels in Goa who serve "Dolphin Meat" on a platter should be boycotted completely. An urgent awareness campaign must be conducted as soon as possible from Panjim -- The State Capital of Goa to Margao and from Calangute to the beaches of South and North Goa by "Dolphin Lovers" and more importantly by the Goa State Government in conjunction with the Karnataka State Government with immediate effect highlighting the fact that all "Species of Dolphins" are critically endangered on the West Coast of India and need the highest and best protection in the land from deep sea trawlers who are out to slaughter them.

It needs to be stated in no uncertain terms that dolphins on the West Coast of India specially on the Karwar Coast are "critically endangered" to a dreadful extent.

The Karwar Coast is home to a number of species of dolphins; the most common being Bottle Nose Dolphins, Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, and Long Snouted Spinner Dolphins.

A number of serious questions need to be raised with regard to the supply of dolphin meat to Star Hotels in Goa :

1. How is it that "Star Hotels in Goa are unaware that what they are doing is "illegal that is having and serving Dolphin Meat on the Menu ??

I say this simply because, all dolphins who are mammals in India are critically endangered and are supposedly protected by Wildlife Conservation Laws and Marine Laws !!

2. Are these Star Hotels in Goa clueless that they are serving "Critically Endangered Species" on a plate to various hotel guests, specially to Far East Expatriates and others who have an obnoxious love for Dolphin Meat ??

This must be stopped as soon as possible.

3. Would these Star Hotels in Goa serve a grilled or marinated "Pet Pedigree Dog" to a hotel guest ?? This is said simply because Bottle Nose Dolphins, Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins and Long Snouted Spinner Dolphins and all Dolphins found on the Karwar Coast are better than our pet dogs if not 5-10 million times better.

Eating Dolphins is akin to eating your very own "Pet Pedigree Dog". All Dolphins found on the West Coast of India are extremely intelligent aquatic mammals who are more human, more loving, and have a terrific friendly disposition which i believe is at least 10,000 times better than the best Pet Pedigree Dog like Pomeranians, Alsatians, Beagles, and German Spitz to name a few.

4. Isn't it terribly sad that these innocent Dolphins who live on the Karwar Coast have a friendly attitude which is truly proving to be their death in more ways than one ??

At Sea World in San Diego, California various dolphins have been trained to engage in a variety of tasks and they even communicate with human beings- with their trainers and the audience included.

It therefore distresses me endlessly, as a Goan and as an Indian that these Dolphins who are capable of so much and more are being slaughtered on the Karwar Coast. I believe that the Dolphins of the Karwar Coast possibly have an I.Q. better than the best I.T. Professional worldwide and are possibly more loving than any human on this earth.

Bottle Nose Dolphins, Indo- Pacific Humpback Dolphins, and Long Snouted Spinner Dolphins on the Karwar Coast are man's last link to his "Sea Relatives".

If this slaughter is allowed to go on, we will never be in touch and have close contact with our most loving, most human, most caring, most intelligent, and most accepting of our sea relatives namely -- Dolphins.

Dolphin Sonar : The Outstanding Sound Machine :

Schools of Dolphins rely on split-second clicks between themselves to warn each other of impending danger, like Killer Orca Whales or Killer Sharks beneath the waves.

On the surface of the water, a boat's hull can be seen sliding through the water, yet schools of dolphins seem to detect these boats -- why is that ??

When dolphins do not rely on smell at all !! This is only because it has a skull which is adapted to sending and receiving signals and a fairly large brain which helps them interpret them.

Conclusion :

We must make Dolphins our partners in the sea. Instead of killing them off, we need to learn desperately from them what we are destroying so actively.

Once we do that, only then can human beings and the Oceanic World be capable of living in something which could be called "ecological peace".

The Dolphin is a "Wild Animal" that is so accepting of human beings, yet we are so indifferent to its plight when it is harpooned and slaughtered in all kinds of ways as it was on the Karwar Coast in India in 2009/2010 and perhaps even now in 2016.

It is very important to say here, that every individual dolphin has a distinctive signature whistle. Infant Dolphins have signature whistles quite different from their parents and yet other dolphins learn to associate every different whistle with every different individual.

Is this 'Extra-ordinary Intelligence at work or what ??

Through listening for whistles, Dolphins keep track of fellow dolphins even when they cannot see them. This is truly magnificent !!

This shows us that, while features of some dolphins are stable; others may vary. Changes that take place during the processing of a signature whistle from Dolphin to Dolphin could pass on additional information that other dolphins can hear. This is absolutely essential for their survival from Killer Orcas, Harpooners, Sharks, and Deep Sea Trawlers.

Let us in India and throughout the world take a strong stand right now against the endless slaughter of innocent and intelligent dolphins on the Karwar Coast or it will be too late if no action is taken at all.

If action is not taken, right now to save these dolphins we are in immediate danger of losing the finest aquatic mammal that has lived in oceans since the beginning of time.

My hope is that "Green Peace International" will take some steps immediately to help save the "Dolphins of Karwar" on a war footing from barbaric slaughter orchestrated by "Deep Sea Trawlers".

Being a Goan, it is sad to say this that the "Real Culprits" with regard to the slaughter of Dolphins are Star Hotels in Goa. Such Hotels should be "blacklisted" for serving critically endangered species fried to a crisp to foreign expatriate guests and other guests too.

There should also be a "Complete Boycott" by all NRI and Foreign Expatriates who love "Dolphins" of such star hotels in Goa who serve "Dolphin Meat" or have it on the menu in some sort of dish or the other.

Why can't star hotels in Goa have King Fish, Pomfret, Mackerel, Indian Salmon, or some other fish instead of Dolphin Meat on the Menu !!

I sometimes wonder, if "Foreign Expatriates" are aware what Star Hotels are doing in Goa ??

In my humble opinion, a "Dolphin Sanctuary" needs to be created as soon as possible to save these beautiful, intelligent, caring, and loving mammals on the Karwar Coast.

I specially appeal to "Green Peace International" to do something right now before it is too late. Please come to the Karwar Coast and register your protest. This needs to happen right now.

Notes :

1. In my humble opinion, having amphitheaters built all along the West Coast where "Dolphin Spotting" can be the most exciting and pleasurable past time for the whole family is the need of the hour. This can be specially done from Dapoli on the Konkan Coast to Karwar where Schools of Dolphins are regularly spotted.

2. Is no one interested at all with regard to the slaughter of dolphins on the Karwar Coast or what happens to the Dolphins of India ?? How long will this brutal slaughter go on ?? Does no one care for Dolphins any more ??

Are the Dolphins of the Karwar Coast "Our Forgotten Relatives" ??

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