Thursday, 31 March 2016

World Tiger Day 2016 -- 29th July

Introduction :

On World Tiger Day 2016, Let us take a look at the Royal Bengal Tiger and its future in Indian Forests.

Today, Royal Bengal Tigers number less than 2,200 in India and are falling rapidly.

The Tiger is the King of the Indian Forest but is facing grave danger on a daily basis from vile poaching gangs who smuggle the skins of Tigers to countries in the Far East where it is in great demand.

Saving the Tiger is essential and important :

India will lose its wondrous tigers completely if we do not take up the challenge of saving this "Majestic Striped Beauty" with a new and powerful urgency.

The challenge of saving the Tiger is at the heart of "Wildlife Conservation". The Tiger is in trouble and only we can rescue it. Human Beings are responsible for the Tiger's plight and only Human Beings can ensure the tiger's survival needs are met in the wild so it can effectively survive.

10 essential points with regard to Royal Bengal Tigers :

1. I believe that the Royal Bengal Tiger is the most beautiful beast in the world and a regal Big Cat that one can still find in the wild.

2. Saving Majestic and Magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers in India rests on a sophisticated biological knowledge about the tiger's needs for quality space in Reserved and Unprotected Forests and adequate prey and water for Adult Tigers, Juveniles, and Cubs at heel.

3. Saving Tigers rests on the well being of its prey, namely Sambhar Deer, Swamp Deer, also known as Barasingha, Barking Deer, Chital or Spotted Deer, Blackbuck, and Herds of Wild Gaur also known as Indian Wild Bison and the varied forests where they still live, its critical habitat in blocks large enough to support viable tiger populations.

4. Saving the Tiger rests on the skill and dedication of "Tiger Conservationists" like Valmik Thapar, Dr. Ullas Karanth and Dr. Raghu Chundawat entrusted with seeking ways and means for the Tiger's survival.

5. To me, it is insane to kill a beautiful and magnificent animal like the Royal Bengal Tiger and use its skin as a decoration on oneself like a number of individuals from the Far East have been doing for a number of years.

6.  I also believe that Dr. Raghu Chundawat, Valmik Thapar, Fateh Singh Rathore (now deceased), P.K. Sen, and Krishnendu Bose to mention a few are India's conscience against the rampant poaching of Big Cats.

7. It was they who discovered that "Sariska's Striped Beauties" were horrendously slaughtered and skins transported to a neighbouring country through a network of illegal wildlife smugglers based in India and Nepal respectively. They were also responsible for discovering the "TRUTH" about the disappearance of all Big Cats from Panna Tiger Reserve.

8. Killing a "Royal Bengal Tiger" for its skin or bones as an aphrodisiac for individuals in the Far East is inhuman and highly cruel.

9. Wild Royal Bengal Tigers remain "critically endangered" in many parts of India like Similipal, Palamau, Indravati, and Valmiki Tiger Reserves to mention a few; mainly due to a lack of political will in protecting Tigers and their prey from ruthless poachers, mining companies, and lawless political forces.

10. Tadoba Tiger Reserve near Nagpur in Maharashtra is "Tiger Country". The birth of 26 Tiger Cubs till today proves that Tadoba Tiger Reserve has the finest Tiger Habitat in the country. The State's oldest National Park has rich wildlife habitat and is the perfect breeding place for Tigers.

At the Devdoh Forest Range and Moharli Forest Range, one can see Breeding Tigers and their Cubs in all their beauty and glory.


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