Sunday, 22 May 2016

Dedication of this Blog

This Wildlife Blog is dedicated to my Mother Mrs Lena D'sa, now deceased who was an avid wildlife lover specially of wild mammals and of Birds to a certain extent.

My Mother taught me the ABC's of wildlife conservation at a young age.

Way back in 2014, My Mother told me to start a Wildlife Blog to promote conservation of Forest Elephants that are found in Tropical Rain Forests in Central Africa and of Savannah Bush Elephants that are found in Savannah Grasslands in East Africa as well as in Southern Africa.

In Addition to all this, she told me to write about Dolphin Conservation regarding various species of Dolphins that live in fresh water rivers and that also live in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean.

She loved Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, and Long Snouted Spinner Dolphins in more ways than one.

From the age of 5, My Mother taught me to appreciate Bird Calls of various kinds.

She specially loved the chirping and beauty of Sun Birds and Parrots.

My Mother was not "Internet Savvy" but she had wisdom beyond her ears.

I am so grateful to my Mother for teaching me to appreciate Wild Denizens of various kinds.

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