Sunday, 30 October 2016

Help Save Minke Whales From Mass Slaughter

It is distressing to know in 2016 that Minke Whales are being slaughtered on an unprecedented scale by Whaling Fleets of Far East Asian Nations.

The Meat of Minke Whales which are an "Endangered Species" are available for sale in Supermarkets of certain Far East Asian Nations.

Isn't this all terrible ??

In 2014/2015, 333 Minke Whales were slaughtered, out of which 200 Minke Whales were "Pregnant Females". So Imagine, the terrible loss to the World of Marine Wildlife.

How can Man be so Inhuman and Barbaric to God's Creatures that live in Deep Oceans all across the World ??

Essentially Speaking, there are 2 Species of Minke Whales that live in this World of Ours.

There is the Magnificent Antarctic Minke Whale that lives in the Southern Ocean and there is the Northern Minke Whale which is equally beautiful that lives in Oceans in many parts of the World.

Antarctic Minke Whales feed on Krill exclusively in the Antarctic Southern Ocean but Northern Minke Whales eat mostly fish.

Like all Whales, the Minke Whales must surface to breathe oxygen from the air through two blowholes.

I hope some International Group of Whale Lovers or an NGO takes cognizance of this article of mine and does something asap to stop Whaling Fleets in their tracks before it is too late for Minke Whales -- who are truly "Mermaids of the Southern Ocean".

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October 29, 2016
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