Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Biodiversity is the catch phrase of the 21st Century.

What does it really mean to me ??

To me, Biodiversity means saving Royal Bengal Tigers in their natural habitat as well as saving Beautiful and Mysterious Snow Leopards in their rugged snow bound natural habitat in mountain ranges all across Central Asia and South Asia.

Snow Leopards are the Apex Predators of the Himalayan Ecosystem and their well being is most important in maintaining a balance between them and hundreds of wild herbivores that graze on cliffs and ravines in snow capped mountains in Central Asia and South Asia.

 Biodiversity also means saving Clouded Leopards and Spotted Leopards in their natural habitat in Tropical Rain Forests and Deciduous Dry Forests all across South Asia, South - East Asia, and Africa.

To save these Wild Denizens, it is of paramount importance to save their natural prey namely Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Hog Deer, Swamp Deer, Wild Blue Sheep, etc.

This is because carnivorous Big Cat Predators depend exclusively on their natural prey for their daily sustenance.

Last, but not the least Biodiversity means saving Savannah Bush Elephants and Forest Elephants in their natural habitat in various African Countries as well as saving White and Black Rhinos who face a precarious future in Southern Africa.

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