Friday, 18 November 2016

Raising an Important Question about Wild Elephants in India

This issue should have been raised many years back, but it seems to me one of the many problems in India with regard to Wild Elephants is simply the lack of interest in saving Wild Elephants in Reserved and Unprotected Forests all across India.

Most importantly, it is obvious that there are very few Wild Elephant Conservationists in India who are dedicated to the core.

The only Wild Elephant Conservationists that come to mind are Dr. Raman Sukumar, Vivek Menon, and Dr. A.J.T. Johnsingh respectively. They have been responsible for creating outstanding awareness with regard to the plight of Wild Elephants all across the country.

But the Bigger Problem, as I see it is this. Project Elephant which was started in 1992, receives a "pittance" in terms of funding with regard to the conservation of Wild Elephants as compared to Project Tiger which receives a Lion Share of all Federal Funds.

In my humble opinion, Project Elephant should receive equal funding to the same extent as does Project Tiger.

The Honourable Union Minister for Environment and for Forests needs to make this happen with immediate effect.

It is only when this happens that these Wild Giants of Planet Earth can hope to have a "Secure Future" in Indian Forests and Wildlife Sanctuaries.


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