Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Snow Leopards of Mongolia

There are at least 1,000 Snow Leopards in Mongolia right now.

Mongolia remains almost as much a nation of herders as it was when Genghis Khan lorded it over its inhabitants.

Livestock outnumbers the 2.8 Million Humans. It seems that an admirable network of Parks and Reserves have been established in Western Mongolia where Snow Leopards are found in fair numbers.

In Mongolia's Mountainous Altay Region, there are 4 Reserves where Snow Leopards not only seem to be holding their own but their population seems to be significantly increasing.

Snow Leopards hunt chiefly Asia's array of hoofed wildlife such as Ibex, Argali, Blue Sheep, Tahr, and Goat - Antelopes such as Gorals along with Tibetan Antelopes and various species of Deer found in Alpine Areas of Central Asia.

As, the Top Carnivore of the Alpine and Sub-Alpine areas, the Snow Leopard strongly influences the numbers and area of operation of hoofed herds.

It is my fervent prayer as a Wildlife Lover that Snow Leopards in Mongolia will continue to flourish for many decades to come.

Credits and References :

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By Douglas H. Chadwick
Pages 117-126
National Geographic Magazine
June 2008
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