Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Visit India's Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in 2017 They have the best on show Part 1

1. Parambikulam  Tiger Reserve :

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve formerly known as Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Palakkad district of Kerala. It is surrounded on all sides with Forests and has 3 Water Reservoirs within its limits.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve has dense moist deciduous forests containing teak and rosewood trees. Since Parambikulam is connected to a host of reserved forests like Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and the Sholayar Reserved Forests -- it has a diverse habitat for wild denizens that live within its confines.

Since, it is situated in the Western Ghats it is home to a number of mammals like the "Nilgiri Tahr" which is one of many flagship species found in Parambikulam along with magnificent Wild Elephants and majestic Royal Bengal Tigers to mention a few.

For Your Information : The Nilgiri Tahr is an antelope that is endemic to Southern India with a special reference to Tamil Nadu and a particular reference to Kerala.

2.  Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary :

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Anamalai Hills in the Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu.

It is an important "Bio-Diverse Forest" with special reference to the Western Ghats.

Indian Bison aka Gaur, Sambar, Muntjac, and Spotted Deer are found in plenty in the rainforest and dry deciduous forest of Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wild Elephant Herds are also found in this Bio- Diverse Wildlife Sanctuary in the Rainforests that comprise Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary as well as in the dry forests that comprise Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Royal Bengal Tigers, Spotted Leopards, and Malabar Giant Squirrels are found in the Rainforests and Dry Forests respectively.

3. Corbett Tiger Reserve :

Corbett Tiger Reserve also known as Corbett National Park is situated at the foot of the Kumaon Hills in Uttarakhand -- a separate State that was formerly part of the State of Uttar Pradesh till 2000.

Corbett National Park is essentially situated between the mighty Himalayas and the Terai -- Grassland Region of Uttarakhand. It is home to Regal Bengal Tigers who are found in large numbers at Corbett but all the same are difficult to spot because of thick vegetation.

The scenic Ramganga River which flows through Corbett provides plenty of prey for stalking Bengal Tigers and Spotted Leopards who are specially found in hilly forests that are part of Corbett National Park.

During Summer, Wild Elephant Herds are seen in large numbers all over Corbett. These Wild Elephants essentially come to Corbett when they migrate from Nepal using traditional migratory routes. There are an estimated 1000 Wild Elephants that live in Corbett.

Various Kinds of Deer are found in plenty in Corbett National Park specially Barking Deer, Sambar, Hog Deer, and Spotted Deer.

Last, but not the least Himalayan Black Bears and Sloth Bears are found in the Hilly areas of Corbett National Park in fair numbers.

4. Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary :

Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated some 22 Kms from Srinagar in the State of Jammu and Kashmir which is renowned for its snow capped peaks, fast running rivers, placid lakes, and verdant valleys.

This Wildlife Sanctuary which is spread over 140 Square Kilometres is home to the endangered Red Deer also known as the Kashmir Stag or Hangul the name by which it is locally known in Kashmir.

Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to Himalayan Black and Brown Bears, Musk Deer, Spotted Leopards, Endangered Snow Leopards, and large birds like Pheasants and Black Partridges.

Finally, Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Himalayas with terrain which includes sloping grasslands, pine clad hills, and craggy cliffs.

5. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary aka Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve :

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which is situated on the Goa - Karnataka Border is home to Black Panthers in fair numbers.

It is said that Spotted Leopards at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary roam about with Black Panthers freely in these Reserved Forests and their Cubs do it too.

Wild Elephants are found in small numbers at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and a few years back some wild elephants from Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary strayed into a reserved forest in Goa called Bondla but were ultimately cajoled and coaxed by Goa Forest Officials to return to Dandeli.

Finally, some mention must be made of Bengal Tigers at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. It seems there are 8-10 Tigers or more now living in and around Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary as per the Tiger Census which was conducted in 2006/2007.

There is a project underway at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary to study the habitat of these "Striped Beauties".

All in All it must be said that Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is an "Adrenalin Rush" for any wildlife lover or wildlife addict.



  1. Parambikulam is the best place in this whole world, and I imagine whether there are still lot more Places to visit in Parambikulam. Anyways thanks for sharing this information in here.

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