Monday, 2 January 2017

Iranian Cheetahs -- Big Cat Predators on the Brink of Extinction

Introduction :

Yes, That's Right. I am talking about Asiatic Cheetahs that live in Iran.

They are on the brink of starvation because of the lack of natural prey.

Unfortunately, there are only 50 of them left in the wild in Iran.

It is sad to say this, that some wildlife lovers all across the world are more interested in saving Mega Fauna and Mega Herbivores like Rhinos rather than saving "Critically Endangered" Asiatic Cheetahs that live in the Desert Region of Central Iran, a species that needs our immediate attention.

Eating Habits :

Asiatic Cheetahs that live in the Central Iranian Desert Region prey almost exclusively on various kinds of Desert Antelopes, specially desert dwelling gazelles.

The Desert Antelope that forms a large part of the diet of Asiatic Cheetahs is the "Arabian Oryx".

Arabian Oryx are medium sized antelopes found in Desert Areas from Oman to Iran.

Breeding Behaviour :

Female Asiatic Cheetahs are ready to conceive when they are 2 years old. They usually give birth to Cheetah Cubs at any point in the year. The average size of a litter is usually 4 Cubs.

After a gestation period of 3 Months, Cheetah Cubs are usually born. They are protected by their mother in a cave which is usually situated in a cliff of a rocky mountain.

Unlike African Cheetahs, Asiatic Cheetahs that live in Iran have a coat that is not very long. This has helped them to adapt to the Harsh Winters and Harsh Summers in Central Iran.

Conclusion :

We need to act now to save Asiatic Cheetahs that live in Central Iran. Wildlife Conservationists need to impress upon the Iranian Government in Teheran about the need to save this "Charismatic Feline" from total extinction.

Efforts should be made to increase this Wild Cat Population.

If necessary, Desert Antelopes like the Arabian Oryx need to be introduced in large numbers for the daily sustenance of these Asiatic Cheetahs.

Credits and References :

All You need to know about Wild Cheetahs


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