Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rare Big Cat Predators of the Northern Namibian Desert

Introduction :

Namibia is a Country situated in South -West Africa. It is a Hot and Dry Country which has a border with South Africa and Botswana respectively. Namibia has a number of Wildlife Parks and Game Reserves encompassing the Northern Namibian Desert -- A Place full of sand dunes and not much life.

Desert Lions are rare Big Cat Predators that live in the hostile Northern Namibian Desert and adjoining Skeleton Coast, an equally hostile and formidable habitat for any wild denizen.

Desert Lions were recorded living along the Skeleton Coast and Northern Namibian Desert in the early 20th Century. They were considered to be in plenty between the Kunene River and the Kuiseb River along regions and mountains that abut the coastline of Namibia.

In 1967, the formidable Skeleton Coast Region was declared a National Park and sightings of Desert Lions were recorded. In the early 1980's, Desert Lions were observed on Beaches along Namibia's Skeleton Coast feeding on Beached Whales and Seals.

Namibia's Unique and Rare Desert Lions live in the seemingly hostile Namibian Desert where Herbivorous Prey like Springbok and Oryx are not many.

However, over the past few decades the population of Springbok and Oryx has been growing albeit slowly.

Desert Lions get all the nutrition and water they want from the Herbivorous Prey that they hunt and kill.

In 1998, there were only 20 Desert Lions left in the wilds of the Northern Namibian Desert. Today, there are 125 left in the Namibian Desert.

This is thanks to Community Conservation Programs and the foresight of One Man -- Dr Philip Stander.

His Objective is simple. To increase the population of Desert Lions and to successfully monitor them through Satellite Technology. He considers the increase in Herbivorous Prey to be an equally important factor in Desert Lion Conservation.

Conclusion :

It is my Hope and Prayer that Desert Lions will exist for many more years to come in the Harsh Namibian Desert.

Credits :

1) Zambezi Safari and Travel Company -- Desert Lions of the Kaokoveld, Namibia.

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