Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Help Save The Last Saharan Cheetahs from Extinction

Introduction :

Deserts cover a large portion of the Earth's Mass.

There are Herbivorous and Carnivorous Species that live in Desert Areas, making some Deserts a "Potential Bio-Diversity Hotspot".

There are many species that live under "Harsh Conditions" in Desert Regions.

In an Environment, like the Sahara Desert in West Africa and North Africa "Low Precipitation" is the norm.

Herbivorous Prey are normally found in the Sahara Desert in small numbers.

Ditto is the case for Big Cat Predators that live on the periphery or in the Sahara Desert itself.

The Last Saharan Cheetahs :

One such Big Cat Predator that is rare, elusive, and found in the Sahara Desert is the "Saharan Cheetah".

It is a "Critically Endangered" Big Cat Predator mostly found in the Desert Regions of Algeria and Mali.

That, there exists Saharan Cheetahs in the Sahara Desert and in the neighboring Sahel Region is new to Scientists and Wildlife Biologists.

This Saharan Cheetah is a "Resilient" Big Cat Predator living in extremely harsh conditions where Herbivorous Prey and Water are hard to find.

Scientists, say that there are roughly 200 odd Saharan Cheetahs most of whom who live in Southern Algeria and in Mali.

The remainder live in arid areas of the Saharan Desert in countries such as Niger, Benin, and Burkina Faso.

Saharan Cheetahs in Algeria and Mali have been found to be active almost completely at night when temperatures in the Desert are at their lowest.

Saharan Cheetahs have been found preying on 2 Kinds of Desert Dwelling Gazelles.

They are Dama's Gazelle and Dorca's Gazelle. This has been conclusively established by Camera Traps.

Conclusion :

Saharan Cheetahs desperately need our help today. Let us do something constructive for them.

Credits :

1) The National Center for Biotechnology Information on the Saharan Cheetah.

2) Daily Kos -- "Ghost in the Sand Dunes, The Cheetahs of the Sahara.

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