Thursday, 3 August 2017

I wish to live among Snow Leopard Families in China or in Mongolia

Snow Leopards are my favourite Big Cats.

They are strikingly beautiful rare animals.

Their Fur is 5 Inches thick which is necessary to live in Hostile Cold Weather.

They are essentially quite harmless as far as Big Cat Predators are concerned.

There is no evidence to suggest that they have ever been Man -Eaters.

They essentially prey on Wild Goats and Wild Sheep found in the Alpine Ecosystem.

If they cannot find Wild Prey easily, they sometimes prey on Domestic Livestock.

I wish to live among Snow Leopard Families for a few months in the near future in Quinghai Province in China where Snow Leopards are fairly abundant or in the Tost Mountain Range in Mongolia.

Quinghai Province in China is a beautiful part of China with steep cliffs, gorges, and caves all familiar territory for Snow Leopards. It is specially beautiful when it snows there.

I would like to set up base camp near Quinghai Province so that I can observe and study Snow Leopards in greater detail. My Ultimate Aim is to write a Coffee Tabler on Snow Leopards that live in various Mountain Ranges in China.

In particular, I would like to study the Predator - Prey Relationship in Quinghai Province.

If China is not a workable option, I would like to live among Snow Leopard Families in the Tost Mountain Range in Mongolia which is covered by a significant part of the Gobi Desert.

Snow Leopards are my best friends in the world. Since, I am a Big Cat Lover I do not fancy Human Company a lot.

Wild Animals like Snow Leopards are my Kith and Kin. 


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